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Daniel S.

Published on: October 07, 2019

We Make Dance Music

Established in July of 2012, We Make Dance Music is a trusted community marketplace for producers, musicians and singers to discover, buy and sell unique music project files around the world.

What they offer:

We Make Dance Music sells products in four main production tool categories as well as a range of music production services.

  • DAW Templates: Templates are sold for the DAW's Logic Pro, FL Studio, Ableton, and Cubase for all the popular electronic music genres as well as non electronic music genres such as Jazz
  • Samples, Presets, & Midi Files: You will find sample packs, acapellas, MIDI packs, Single shot drum samples, construction kits in many genres, sound banks for the most popular synthesizer including Sylenth 1, Massive, Serum and spire.
  • Stems: There are a wide selection of audio stems, they can be imported easily into anyDAW, simply download, unzip and drag and drop them into your favorite digital audio workstation.
  • Licensing:Instantly license royalty free music to release on a label, for video games or media, for DJ mixes, or for You Tube.
  • Music Production Services: Depending on your expectations, We Make Dance Music will provide different levels of music productions to suit your creative needs. .

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