Top 5 Free VST Compressors 2021

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Daniel S.

Published on: January 02, 2021

Compressors are an incredibly important mixing tool for any production. 

While the stock DAW compressor plugins can be adequate for your music, they might not offer the functionality and character that you want. 

To help you find the perfect compressor plugins for you latest tracks, UpstreamSquad has collected a list of the top 5 VST compressor plugins for you to download right now!

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Free Compressor VST Plugin, OTT by Xfer Records, Cover Art


By Xfer Records


This iconic plugin is a re-creation of a popular aggressive multiband upwards/downwards compressor and is perfect for getting your sound to be more upfront and aggressive in your mix. 

More Details & Free Download


Free Compressor VST Plugin, TDR Kotelnikov, Cover Art


By Tokyo Dawn Records


TDR Kotelnikov is a wideband dynamics processor combining high fidelity dynamic range control with deep musical flexibility. Kotelnikov has the ability to manipulate the dynamic range by dramatic amounts, while carefully preserving the original tone, timbre and punch of a musical signal

More Details & Free Download


Free Compressor Plugins, MCompressor by Melda ProductionsCover Art


By Melda Production


MCompressor features an adjustable compression shape, giving you the power to create dynamic sound effects, and a range of up-sampling options for a crystal clear sound.

More Details & Free Download


Free Compressor VST Plugin, DC1A by Klanghelm, Cover Art


By Klanghelm


This input and output compressor features smooth leveling to heavy pumping with a nice crunchy saturation. 

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Free Compressor VST Plugins, ThrillseekerLA, Cover Art


By Variety of Sound


ThrillseekerLA is a digital stereo leveling amplifier with analog qualities. It features smooth gain riding capabilities through its non-linear amplifier stage 

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