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Daniel S.

Published on: October 07, 2019

One of the most in-demand types of samples is vocals. Many producers are not vocalists themselves and do not have access to one making these types of samples highly sought after. This is why I have collected a list of the top 10 vocal sample packs on the web right now!


Free Vocal Sample Pack, Vocal Chops by SoundShockAudio, Cover Art


Vocal Chops: SoundShock

Vocal chops have become a staple in modern musical productions and SoundShock has released one of the best free vocal chops packs on the market!What's Inside:- 50 Vocal Chop Samples
- Key Labeled

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Free Vocal Sample Pack, Ethereal Vocal Hooks Vol. 2, Cover Art


Ethereal Vocal Hooks Vol. 2: Monad Moon

These vocals are sure to take your productions to the next level. The powerful vocals of Monad Moon provide emotion, elegance, and of course that ethereal feel in her vocals. 

What's Inside:30 Vocal Phrases
- Key Labeled
- BPM LabeledThis dreamy vocal sample pack is an absolute gem. Even though there are only 30 phrases, these vocals deliver and can be used in a wide range of genres. 

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Free Vocal Sample Pack, Sample Radar Free Vocal Samples by Sample Radar, Cover Art


Female Vocal Samples: Sample Radar

There are 1,338 high quality female vocal samples in this pack! Need we say more?What's Inside:1,338 Total Female Vocals
- 273 House/Nu Disco Vocals
- 54 Opera Vocals
- 261 Mor Vocals
- 261 Rock Vocals
- 252 Trance Vocals
- 237 Other

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Free Vocal Sample Pack, Vocal Ad-Libs by SampleRadar, Cover Art


Vocal Ad-Lib Samples: Sample Radar

Vocal Ad Libs are an often overlooked type of vocal sample. With this vocal ad libs sample pack you can create melodies and vocal chops easily, instantly set the vibe of your track, and create melodic background vocals.What's Inside:- 327 Total Vocals
- 257 Ad Libs
- 40 Words
- 30 Vocal FX

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Free Vocal Sample Packs, Banner


Free Vocal Sample Pack, 100 Free Vocal Samples by Sample Magic, Cover Art


100 Free Vocal Samples: Sample Magic

The ad libs, hooks, and shouts in this pack are great, but the samples that really make this vocal sample pack a must download. Too often free vocal packs will throw together random phrases and words for you to use.  Having a full vocal with a verse, chorus, and bridge can help you write a full vocal track without having to worry about this limitation.What's Inside:100 Total Vocal Samples
- 18 Ad Libs
- 14 Hooks
- 37 Shouts
- 2 Full Songs

Free Download


Free Vocal Sample Pack, Aiva Harmony, Cover Art


Free Vocal Sample Pack: Aiva Harmony

This vocal sample pack comes with a whopping 520 samples that you will want to add to your library. The real value for the pack comes from its effected vocals. Many samples in this library contain reverberated and delayed samples that are sure to spark a little creativity in your next production.What's Inside:520 Total Female Vocal Samples
- 10 Synth Loops
- 228 Ad Libs
- 74 Harmonies
- 33 Lyrics
- 28 Phrases
- 124 Reverse Ad Libs
- 33 Words

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Free Vocal Sample Pack, Tropical House Vocals 2 by W.A. Production, Cover Art


Tropical House Vocals Vol. 2: W.A. Production

This fee vocal pack is very uniques as it contains an entire construction kit. Meaning it contains an entire full song! Not only does it have the vocal samples, but it has stems for all the other instruments as well as the midi of other instruments. Having all the midi and stems available is sure to give you a jumpstart in the creative process.What's Inside:- 43 Total Samples
21 Midi Loops
- 2 Full Construction kits including, drums, synths, and FX

Free Download


Free Vocal Sample Pack, 75 Female Vocals by GhostHack, Cover Art


75 Female Vocals: GhostHack

Expect 100MB of royalty free Female Vocals in this pack. It includes whole Phrases, one-words, and some melodic chants. Each sound is available as a dry, a wet, and an FX version.What's Inside:- 25 dry one shots
- 25 wet one shots
- 25 FX

Free Download


Free Vocal Sample Pack, Vocal Loops and Chops by W.A. Production


Vocal Loops & Chops: W.A. Production

This pack will work best for electronic genres but can find their way in almost any type of track. Included are male and female vocals.
What's Inside:- 58 Vocal Loops & Cuts

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Free Vocal Sample Pack, Vocal Shouts Pocket Collection by W.A. Production, Cover Art


Vocal Shouts Pocket Collection: W.A. Production

If you need vocals that inject energy and power into your track then make sure to pick up this pack. There are plenty of diverse sounding vocal shouts and loops that can find into a wide range of genres. What's Inside:- 52 Vocal Shouts & Loops

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Yep! We've got even more Top Free Sample Packs for you to check out!

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