Saving Multiple Versions of Your Project

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Daniel S.

Published on: May 04, 2020

Every single creative or technical decision that you make when producing can have an influence on all subsequent producing decisions. 

If you decide to add an African percussion loop in your chorus, that may spark new ideas on instruments to add, change the way you mix all your other instruments, and ultimately transform your song into something that sounds different than if you didn't add that African percussion loop.

Some of the decisions that you make in your tracks may not always be for the best. You could decide to add a completely new bassline and melody only to end up not liking it as your progress in the track. 

This is why it is so important to save multiple versions of the same project when you come to major decisions in your track. 

You give yourself the opportunity to revert back to the different creative and technical decisions that you had previously made. 

Another great way to take advantage of saving multiple versions of the same project is to mix and mash up the different versions. Let's say you just finished your song, but you aren't really happy with the verse. In one of your previously saved versions, you had an alternate verse that sounded better. You can load up this alternate verse project and save the channel strip, copy the audio, and/or copy the MIDI clip and add it back to the project that has the whole song complete. This allows you to recycle your ideas and bring together only the best ones. 

Now this doesn't mean you have to save a different version of your project at every decision that you make. Simply saving a different version for major decisions will be enough.  

Here are a few examples of major decisions that you would want to save another version for:

- Adding a main instrument

- Changing chords, melodies, and basslines

- Adding a new section to the song

- Mixing certain sections or instruments 

This is just a short list of major decisions where you would want to save another version of your project, but really, any decision that you think will have a major impact on the overall song should be saved as another version.

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