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Daniel S.

Published on: October 07, 2019

NeurofunkThis freebie consists of 21 Neuro Basslines and 14 Reeces, ready to drop in your projects and ready for your resampling techniques. Start your track immediately with our powerful Drum Loops or create your own drums by using the kick, snare and hi-hat one-shots. Top your track of with the 5 deep, long and atmospheric Pads. The Riser and Cymbal FX sounds can be used for your buildups, bridges and your drops.The whole sound library has a size of 116MB, all files are recorded at 172BPM, 24bit high quality WAVs, 44.1khz.The demo track uses only sounds straight from the package.What's Inside:
- 21 Neuro Basslines
- 14 Reece Basslines
- 5 Drum Loops
- 5 Pads
- 6 Kicks
- 7 Snares
- 5 Hi-Hats
- 5 Risers
- 2 Cymbal FX Sounds
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