Mellotron Sample Pack

January 16, 2022 by Daniel S.

Created by:

Sonic Bloom


You don't find that many Mellotron sample packs are being released anymore. 

A Mellotron is a polyphonic tape replay keyboard that was made famous by the Beatles in their song "Strawberry Fields Forever."

What is great about this free keyboard sample pack is there are 10 different instruments. If you are looking for a more vintage type sound, you can add these samples to your track and transport your audience back to the 60's. 

Pack Contents:

- 350 Mellotron Samples
- 10 Different Instruments Included: Cello, Choir, M300 Brass M300A, M300B MK2 Brass Mk2 Flute Mk2 Violins String Section, and Woodwinds

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