Macrosurfing – 200 Free Serum Wavetables by Black Octopus Sound & Psymbionic

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Published on: September 25, 2020


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Black Octopus Sound


Psymbionic delivers a selection of wavetables custom created to be immediately utilized in your own unique sound design experiments. Included in this pack are 200 complex 256-frame tables, all of which have been processed for use in a multitude of electronic music genres such as leftfield dubstep, trap, riddim, future bass, and more. Highly useful in their raw form, they spawn from a variety of sources including resampling from real instruments and intricate synth patches or otherwise constructing from scratch using trigonometric algorithms. Beyond their use in Xfer Records’ “Serum” synthesizer, these are instantly importable to Kilohearts’ “Phase Plant”, Ableton’s “Wavetable”, and most any other wavetable synth.

- 10 AM Tables
- 67 Digital Tables
- 4 Drum Tables
- 48 FM Tables
- 21 Real Instrument Tables
- 22 Reese Tables
- 28 Spectral Tables


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