How to Mix your Sub Bass

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Daniel S.

Published on: May 04, 2020

The sub bass is the foundation of your track. If mixed in incorrectly, your song will have trouble competing with commercial mixes. 

To begin mixing your sub bass, you must first have the appropriate monitoring system. Preferably, you would own an actual sub that attaches to your monitors. If not, then your monitors will do here, but keep in mind that not all the sub frequencies will come through your monitors. 

Smaller monitors will not emit as many sub frequencies as larger monitors will.

When mixing the sub bass in your track, headphones are not ideal as the headphones will not be able to replicate the sub frequencies.  If all you own is headphones, it would be best to reference your track on other sound systems that have a sub or large enough speakers to actually replicate sub frequencies so you can note the adjustments, if any, that you need to make to the sub. 

Regardless of your monitor size or if you are using headphones, try using the technique mentioned below to mix your sub bass. 

When you are finished mixing your sub bass, try and reference your track on as many different sound systems as possible, especially large sound systems that have a sub!


1. Find a reference track in the same style or genre that you are working in. 

2. Import it into your DAW and place a high cut filter on the reference track at around 400Hz to focus your attention on the lower frequencies

3. Place a high cut filter around 400Hz on your track as well. 

4. Solo the reference track and listen and FEEL the energy that is coming from the reference track and make a mental note of how this sounds and feels. 

5. Go back to your track and replicate this sound and feeling that you get from the low end of the reference track. Simple audio processing techniques such as volume adjustments, compression, and saturation will help you replicate the energy that you are hearing in sub frequencies. 

⚠️ In most cases, no complicated processing will need to be done and oftentimes all it will take is the volume adjustment of your sub and other elements in the low-frequency range to get a comparable energy level to your reference track. 

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