Core Values & Philosophy

UpstreamSquad is dedicated to Melodic Electronic Music Producers. It provides them with everything they need to reach their music-related goals in a curated and affordable way.



UpstreamSquad – Core Values

UpstreamSquad brings a fresh perspective to an already mature industry, that can be synthesized into the following Core Values:


Loyalty to our Community

The UpstreamSquad Community always comes first and everything we do is for the benefit of our Community.


Collaboration over Competition

UpstreamSquad’s growing platform is built to support everyone whose efforts are for the best interest of the Community.



UpstreamSquad provides for those in need. We’re continuously working on bringing more value and opportunities to everyone who has an interest in our industry.



UpstreamSquad earns the Community’s trust by being open and transparent about how the business is operated.



The UpstreamSquad Core Team is a team of professionals who are continuously expanding their knowledge in their field of expertise, to bring the Community the most up to date and relevant content.


Friendliness & Openness

UpstreamSquad keeps close contact with the Community and is always open to their needs and suggestions for how to better serve them.



UpstreamSquad – Core Philosophy

Our aspiration to bring value and opportunities to the melodic electronic community is the foundation on which UpstreamSquad was built. Our Core Values define the backbone of our business. With this strong foundation our brand’s core philosophy was established:


UpstreamSquad was built by Melodic Electronic Music Producers, for Melodic Electronic Music Producers, and will always stand for Melodic Electronic Music Producers!


We are committed to bringing changes to the music industry by focusing on Empowering the melodic electronic music producer. Our mission is to set new standards for Providing Value & Opportunities to everyone in our Community.


To the Top!