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Future Bass

Future BasssWhat's Inside:- 8 Serum Presets- 11 Drum Loops- 98 Drum One Shots

Dubstep and Trap Vol.1 Serum Presets

Dubstep and Trap Vol. 1 Serum What's Inside:- 21 Basses- 1 FX- 2 Pads- 2 Plucks- 2 Sub Basses

Future Bass

Future BassWhat's Inside:- 10 Serum Presets


80KWhat's Inside:- 45 Kick Samples- 30 Harmor Presets- 20 Serum Presets

Dubstep Bass Drops Vol. 2

Dubstep Bass Drops Vol. 2What's Inside:- 8 Bass Presets

Dubstep Serum Growls

Serum Dubstep GrowlsWhat's Inside:- 10 Growl Presets

Future Bass Template For Serum Vol. 1

Future Bass Template For Serum Vol. 1 (Free Serum Presets)What's Inside:- 12 Serum Presets + WAV Noise Samples- 50 Drum Samples- 10 Midi Files


DualityWhat's Inside:- 36 Basses- 21 Drones- 25 Gated-Sounds- 4 Impacts- 27 Leads- 16 Moving Ambiences,- 37 Pads- 27 Sequencer

Dubstep Samples

Dubstep Samples & PresetsWhat's Inside:- 30 bass one-shots- 20 off-beat samples- 10 vocal chop loops- 20 Serum presets- 15 MIDI

Marshmallow Template For Serum

Marshmallow Template For SerumWhat's Inside:- 33 Drum Samples- 14 Serum Presets- 5 Midi Files

Future Bass Preset Pack

Future Bass PresetsWhat's Inside:- 14 Harmor Presets- 9 Sylenth1 Presets- 15 Serum Presets - 20 Massive

Dubstep Presets

Dubstep PresetsWhat's Inside:- 18 Serum Presets

Serum Dubstep

Serum DubstepWhat's Inside:- 35 Xfer Serum Presets

Serum Bass House & Drums

Serum Bass House & DrumsWhat's Inside:- 15 xFer Serum Presets- 30 Drum Samples

Bass House Serum Presets 2

Bass House Serum Presets 2What's Inside:- 21 Serum Presets

Serum Dubstep Presets

Serum Dubstep PresetsWhat's Inside:- 30 Xfer Serum Presets

Tropical House Presets for Xfer Serum

Tropical House Serum PresetsWhat's Inside:- 20 Presets

Rare Birds Vol. 1

Rare Birds Vol. 1What's Inside:- 25 Serum Presets


EmerladsWhat's Inside:- 20 Serum Presets

Serum Presets

Serum PresetsWhat's Inside:- 10 Drum Samples- 15 Presets

Dark Silence Serum Presets

Dark Silence Serum PresetsWhat's Inside:- 41 Serum Presets

PowerSaw Serum Preset Pack Volume One

Free PowerSaw Serum Preset Pack Vol. 1What's Inside:- 17 Lead Presets

Pip-Boi Serum Presets Vol.1

Pip-Boi Serum Presets Vol. 1What's Inside:- 10 Vocal FX Presets

St4rbuck Presets

St4rbuck Serum PresetsWhat's Inside:- 6 Serum Presets

Future Bass For Xfer Serum

Future Bass For Xfer SurumWhat's Inside:- 10 Leads- 10 Chord Synths- 10 Basses- 10 Plucks- 10 FX

Outrun Synthwave

Outrun SynthwaveWhat's Inside:- 5 Arps- 12 Bass- 9 Lead- 6 Pad- 4 Pluck

CFX 30 Serum Presets

CFX Serum PresetsWhat's Inside:- 11 Basses- 3 Chords- 6 FX- 10 Leads

Deep & Chill House Vol. 1

Deep Melodic House FreebieWhat's Inside:- 10 Deep House Samples- 60 Xfer Serum Presets- 5 Ambiance Samples- 73 Drum One Shots

Signature Sounds

Signature SoundsWhat's Inside:- 240 Deep House Samples- 37 Massive Presets

Free Tropical House Sample Pack

Tropical House Sample PackWhat's Inside:- 22 Sylenth1 Presets- 120 Tropical House Drum One Shots & Loops