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Zedd Presets

Zedd PresetsWhat's Inside:- 5 Basses- 5 Pads

Sylenth ProgHouse

Sylenth ProgHouseWhat's Inside:- 12 Synth Presets

Merry Zenmas

Merry ZenmasWhat's Inside:- 5 Basses- 5 Leads

Progressive Leads Vol 1

Progressive Leads Vol 1What's Inside:- 10+ Sylenth1 Presets


FreedomWhat's Inside:- 128 Sylenth1 Presets

Trap God

Trap GodWhat's Inside:- 20 Sylenth1 Presets

The Creative Sylenth Care Package

The Creative Sylenth Care PackageWhat's Inside:- 12 Sylenth1 SoundBanks- 200+ Presets

Melbourne Bounce

Melbourne BounceWhat's Inside:- 64 Sylenth1 Presets

Big Room EDM Presets

Big Room EDM PresetsWhat's Inside:- 33 Sylenth1 Presets

Ronin Sylenth Pack

Ronin Sylenth1 PackWhat's Inside:- 20 Sylenth1 Presets

Halloween Sylenth1 Bank

Halloween Sylenth1 BankWhat's Inside:- 20 Presets

8 EDM Presets

8 EDM PresetsWhat's Inside:- 8 EDM Presets

20 Bass Presets

20 Bass PresetsWhat's Inside:- 20 Bass Presets


RhinoWhat's Inside:- 10 Bass Presets

Electricity Vol. 1

Electricity Vol. 1What's Inside:- 52 Basses - 15 Leads - 31 Plucks - 1 Pads- 15 Arps- 4 Chord- 6 Synth

EDM Remastered Vol. 2

EDM Remastered Vol. 2What's Inside:- 32 Spire Presets

EDM Remastered Vol. 5

EDM Remastered Vol. 5What's Inside:- 30 Spire Presets

EDM Remastered Vol. 3

EDM Remastered Vol. 3What's Inside:- 30 Spire Presets

Future House

Future HouseWhat's Inside:- 6 Bass Loops- 7 Sylenth1 Presets- 7 Spire Presets

EDM Remastered Vol. 1

EDM Remastered Vol. 1What's Inside:- 32 Spire Presets

EDM Remastered Vol. 4 For Spire

EDM Remastered Vol. 4What's Inside:- 32 Spire Presets

Revealed Recordings Spire Preset Pack

Reveled Recordings Spire Preset PackWhat's Inside:- 10 Sprire Presets

Avicii Remastered

Avicii RemasteredWhat's Inside:- 9 Xfer Serum Presets- 21 Spire Presets

Spire Preset Bank

Spire Preset BankWhat's Inside:- 60 Spire Presets

Revolution Sound For Spire Vol 1

Revolution Sound For Spire Vol 1What's Inside:- 126 Spire Presets

161 Sytrus Presets

151 Sytrus PresetsWhat's Inside:- 151 Sytrus Presets

420 Sytrus Presets

420 Sytrus PresetsWhat's Inside:- 420 Sytrus Presets

ReDefinition Sytrus Presets

Immense TranceWhat's Inside:- 29 Sytrus Presets

Ultimate Free Sytrus Pack

Ultimate Sytrus PackWhat's Inside:- 323 Sytrus Presets

100 Harmor Presets

100 Harmor PresetsWhat's Inside:- 100 Harmor Presets