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What are synth presets?
Synth presets or patches are files that tell the synthesizer what parameter to adjust to create a specific sound. They help provide a starting point for music producers so they don’t have to sound design from scratch. Presets can come in all types including leads, pads, basses, fx, and even drums.

Drum Cache – Free Spire Soundbank by Sounds 2 Inspire

Created by: Sounds 2 Inspire Features: Sounds 2 Inspire presents Drum Cache, a free collection of fine tuned synthesized drums for Spire Sy...


FreedomWhat's Inside:- 128 Sylenth1 Presets

The Creative Sylenth Care Package

The Creative Sylenth Care PackageWhat's Inside:- 12 Sylenth1 SoundBanks- 200+ Presets

Ultimate Free Sytrus Pack

Ultimate Sytrus PackWhat's Inside:- 323 Sytrus Presets


Standalone What's Inside:- 10 Massive Presets

Immense Trance

Immense TranceWhat's Inside:- 14 Massive Presets

Sylenth1 Patches

Sylenth1 PatchesWhat's Inside:- 96 Sylenth1 Presets

Spire Mega Pack

Spire Mega PackWhat's Inside:- 192 Reveal Sound Spire Presets- 100% Royalty Free


DualityWhat's Inside:- 36 Basses- 21 Drones- 25 Gated-Sounds- 4 Impacts- 27 Leads- 16 Moving Ambiences,- 37 Pads- 27 Sequencer

Epic Trap

Epic Trap What's Inside:- 8 Massive Presets- 13 Sylenth Presets

Immense Trance

Immense TranceWhat's Inside:- 20 Massive Presets

514 Massive Presets

514 Massive PresetsWhat's Inside:- 514 Massive Presets

1400 Presets

1400 Massive PresetsThis preset pack was created by the artist Synthferatu.What's Inside:- 1,400 Massive Presets

Dark Techno Presets

Dark Techno PresetsWhat's Inside:- 10 Presets

Massive Dubstep Bible

Massive Dubstep BibleWhat's Inside:- 13 Massive Presets

Molecular Origins

Molecular Origins DemoThe link to download the demo presets is at the bottom of the Tenzu Wave website.What's Inside:- 16 Presets

70 Massive Presets

65 Massive PresetsWhat's Inside:- 65 Serum Presets


CatalystWhat's Inside:- 4 Arps- 49 Basses- 10 FX- 4 Keys- 17 Leads- 11 Pads- 19 Synths- 2 Vox- 3 Sequences