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Download from our collection of free male vocal samples. All the male vocal samples are 100% royalty free. You can use the free male vocal samples in any personal or commercial music project without having to pay any royalty fees.

⚠️ The download links for each of the free male vocal sample packs link to the creators website and download page.

Chants! Vocal Sample Pack
By r-loops

Created by: r-loops Info: Chants! Vocal Sample Pack is a collection of 25 custom vocal samples, chops chants. These vocals are ideal for Hip...

By Gowler Music

Created by: Gowler Music Info: Stockhausenisms is a collection of 40+ experimental music samples. The samples were inspired by the German co...

Mellotron Sample Pack

Created by: Sonic Bloom Info: You don't find that many Mellotron sample packs are being released anymore. A Mellotron is a polyphonic tape r...

Zodiac 2

Created by: Cymatics Pack Contents: - 25 Melody Loops- 165 Stems for the Melody Loops

Talkie The Talking Microwave #GM0057

Created by: Gowler Music Pack Contents: - 100 sounds from a sampled talking microwave oven- key and BPM labeled- 100% royalty-free To download the...

Free Funk Soul & RnB

Created by: Function Loops Pack Contents: - 17 Drum One Shots- 32 Vocals, Keys, Guitars, Pads, Piano, Synth, Bass, Vinyl Recording Samples

EDM Family Sounds Vol. 1

Created by: FLP Family Pack Contents: - 140+ Drums- 35+ Loops- 50+ Fills- 90+ FX- 15+ Melodies- 15+ MIDI- 20+ Synths- 20+ Vocals

Free Vocals & Acapellas 2020

Created by: GhostHack Pack Contents: - 25 Male and Female One Words, Ad-Libs, and Phrases

Movie Dialogue

Created by: Gowler Music Pack Contents: - 49 Vintage Spoken Word Samples from B-list movies and TV shows To download the pack, choose the Buy Digi...

African Dreams Sample Pack

Created by: Sound Scientist Pack Contents: - 5 Castanets- 17 Chants- 9 Clap Loops- 52 Claps- 26 Hand Drums- 27 Large Drums- 214 Percussion- 20 Perc...

Upstream Squad
Candy Boy Phonk Sample Kit

Created by: Beatsmith Pack Contents: - 13 808's- 6 Hi Hats- 5 Open Hats- 16 Percussion- 12 Real Hats- 24 Snare- 210 Memphis Vocals (not royalty fre...

Big Free Sample Pack 2021
By Incognet

Created by: Incognet Pack Contents: -18 Construction Kits- 15 Serum Presets- 12 MIDI

Ultimate Vocal Chops Library Vol.1

Created by: Oversampled Pack Contents: - 25 Vocal Chops

The Dojo Vol. 1

Created by: Mines Music Pack Contents: - 5 Trap, RnB, Hip Hop, Pop Construction Kits

‘HAZE’ UK Drill Sample Pack

Created by: Loop Cult Pack Contents: - 11 Bass Loops- 90 Drum Loops- 9 Musical Loops- 86 Drum One Shots- 27 Synth Loops- 18 Synth Loops- 8 Vox Loop...

Lost In Space Sample Pack

Created by: WHO'S WYLER Pack Contents: - 33 Ethnic Trap Music Loops

Artist Series Umberto Pagliaroli

Created by: SampleSound Pack Contents: - 10 Bass Loops- 10 Drum Loops- 11 FX- 10 Music Loops- 30 One Shots- 20 Perc Loops- 16 Synth Loops- 13 Top L...

Atomic Drum and Bass Loops

Created by: BIOCHRON Pack Contents: - 6 Bass Loops- 21 Drum Loops- 3 Perc Loops- 9 Synth Loops- 20 Vocal Loops and Samples

Free Construction Kit by Ghosthack

Created by: Ghosthack Pack Contents: - 9 Stems- 23 One Shots- 3 MIDI- 10 Loops

ProducerFeed FREE Xmas Bundle 2020

Created by: ProducerFeed Pack Contents: - 71 Black Octopus Samples- 215 Diginoiz Samples- 55 Function Loops Samples- 95 High Life Samples- 333 Riem...

Upstream Squad
Trap Starter Pack by Cymatics

Created by: Cymatics So many factors go into creating incredible Trap music, but it all starts with having clean and professional samples....

Euphoria - Vocal Sample Pack

Created by: Cymatics Pack Contents: - 2 Acapellas- 49 Ad Libs- 27 Chants- 13 Pre-Drop Vocals- 45 Sung Phrases- 30 Tonal One Shots - 27 Vocal C...

ODYSSEY - EDM Sample Pack

Created by: Cymatics Pack Contents: - 9 Build Up Drums- 10 Drum Fills- 13 Full Drum Loops- 10 Hi Hat Loops- 13 Top Drum Loops- 85 Drum One Shots- 9...

Chaos Part 2

Created by: Cymatics Pack Contents: - 45 Melody Kits- 168 Total Melody Samples- 50 MIDI Files

Apollo Sampler Vol. 1

Created by: Apollo Sound Pack Contents: - 20 Authentic House Vocals- 20 Chill Tempo Jazzy Guitar- 25 Fill The Trap Samples and MIDI- 20 Future Bass...

Pyrex Trap Sound Pack

Created by: SoundPacks Pack Contents: - 36 Claps and Snares- 19 FX- 16 Kicks- 21 Percussion- 47 FL Studio Presets- 29 Sound Fonts- 15 Vox- 52 Brass...