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What are synth presets?
Synth presets or patches are files that tell the synthesizer what parameter to adjust to create a specific sound. They help provide a starting point for music producers so they don’t have to sound design from scratch. Presets can come in all types including leads, pads, basses, fx, and even drums.

Revealed Producer Starter Pack Vol. 3 by Alonso Sound

Created by: Alonso Sound Pack Contents: - 5 Bass Loops- 15 Bass One Shots- 10 Clap Loops- 10 Claps- 26 Cymbals- 5 Drop Sirens- 5 Drop Stabs- 56 Eff...

Dredhok Hybrid Trap Sample Pack

Created by: AntidoteAudio Pack Contents: - 20 Bass Loops- 9 Drum Fills- 2 FX- 16 Massive Presets- 47 Synth One Shots

119 Free NI Massive Presets

119 Massive PresetsWhat's Inside:- 119 Massive Presets

The Creative Sylenth Care Package

The Creative Sylenth Care PackageWhat's Inside:- 12 Sylenth1 SoundBanks- 200+ Presets

EDM Remastered Vol. 2

EDM Remastered Vol. 2What's Inside:- 32 Spire Presets

EDM Remastered Vol. 5

EDM Remastered Vol. 5What's Inside:- 30 Spire Presets

EDM Remastered Vol. 1

EDM Remastered Vol. 1What's Inside:- 32 Spire Presets

EDM Remastered Vol. 3

EDM Remastered Vol. 3What's Inside:- 30 Spire Presets

420 Sytrus Presets

420 Sytrus PresetsWhat's Inside:- 420 Sytrus Presets

Harmor Trance Essentials Vol. 1

Harmor Trance EssentialsWhat's Inside:- 29 Harmor Presets

161 Sytrus Presets

151 Sytrus PresetsWhat's Inside:- 151 Sytrus Presets


Standalone What's Inside:- 10 Massive Presets

The Best Dubstep Bass Presets Part 1

The Best Dubstep Bass Presets Part 1What's Inside:- 102 Massive Presets

Sylenth1 Patches

Sylenth1 PatchesWhat's Inside:- 96 Sylenth1 Presets

Spire Factory Bank 2016

Spire Factory BankWhat's Inside:- 64 Spire Presets

Spire Mega Pack

Spire Mega PackWhat's Inside:- 192 Reveal Sound Spire Presets- 100% Royalty Free

Dubstep and Trap Vol.1 Serum Presets

Dubstep and Trap Vol. 1 Serum What's Inside:- 21 Basses- 1 FX- 2 Pads- 2 Plucks- 2 Sub Basses

Serum Dubstep Pack

Serum Dubstep PackWhat's Inside:- 40 Dubstep Serum Presets


DualityWhat's Inside:- 36 Basses- 21 Drones- 25 Gated-Sounds- 4 Impacts- 27 Leads- 16 Moving Ambiences,- 37 Pads- 27 Sequencer

Tropical House Presets for Xfer Serum

Tropical House Serum PresetsWhat's Inside:- 20 Presets


EmerladsWhat's Inside:- 20 Serum Presets

Sunrise Trance

Sunrise TranceWhat's Inside:- 18 Bass- 5 FX- 33 Leads- 19 Pads- 26 Plucks

Dark Silence Serum Presets

Dark Silence Serum PresetsWhat's Inside:- 41 Serum Presets

Future Bass For Xfer Serum

Future Bass For Xfer SurumWhat's Inside:- 10 Leads- 10 Chord Synths- 10 Basses- 10 Plucks- 10 FX

CFX 30 Serum Presets

CFX Serum PresetsWhat's Inside:- 11 Basses- 3 Chords- 6 FX- 10 Leads

Welcome Pack

Welcome PackWe've prepared for you an amazing bundle full of the hottest sounds, presets, melodies, samples kits.Worth hundreds of $$$ - availab...

Dubstep Essential Presets

Dubstep Essential PresetsWhat's Inside:- 61 Presets

ModeAudio Massive Sampler

ModeAudio Massive SamplerWhat's Inside:- 27 Massive Presets

514 Massive Presets

514 Massive PresetsWhat's Inside:- 514 Massive Presets

HTMEM Massive Presets

HTMEM Massive Presets PackWhat's Inside:- 10 Massive Presets