Bedroom Producer Starter Pack

Created by: Samplified Pack Contents: - 150+ MB of sounds from various packs on Samplified. - Genres included: LoFi, Chill, Soul, much m...

Space Lite by Cymatics (Free Reverb Plugin)

Created by: Cymatics Features: Space Lite includes 3 powerful reverb modes and tons of unique features to completely customize your reverb....

Monster Drums by Agus Hardiman (Free Virtual Instrument Plugin)

Created by: Agus Hardiman Features: Monster Drums is an open for further development with the help of music producers all over the world.Pr...

Obvious Filter by FKFX (Free Morphing Sequencing Filter Plugin)

Created by: FKFX Features: - 10 Resonant Filters by Laurent De Soras- LP4 / LP2 / BP4 / BP2 / HP4 / HP2 / N4 / N2 / N2X / PEAK + ENV- Morph...

GSat+ by TBProAudio (Free Saturation Plugin)

Created by: TBProAudio Features: GSat+ is an exclusive saturation plug-in featuring an incredible saturation algorithm, VU meters, clip pro...

LV 50A by Landon Viator (Free Equalizer Plugin)

Created by: Landon Viator Features: - Updated UI to be consistent with my other styles.- Bright button that toggles a peak filter around 4k...

Rosentricks: Essentials

Created by: Rosentwig Pack Contents: - 3 Ambience Sounds- 6 Chords- 20 Drums Aux Percussion- 6 Chill Synth MIDI- 4 Drums Percussion Loo...

Rytm Tracker Sample Pack

Created by: Gradient Lab Pack Contents: - 120 Synth Samples- 130 Kick Drum Samples- 144 Bass Samples- 46 Snare Drum Samples- 32 Cymbal Samples- 23...

Collingwood Cymbals - Ancient Medium Hi-Hats, 941g / 1292g

Created by: Collingwood Cymbals Pack Contents: - 144 unique Hi-Hats professionally recorded by Dave Collingwood

Analog Synth Shots

Created by: Blind Audio Pack Contents: - 32 Synth Samples- 28 Bass Synth Samples- 60 Ableton Instrument racks


Created by: RDGAudio Features: Stage is a free Gain Staging and Stereo Enhancing Plugins for Mac PC. Available as AU and VST3 plugins...

808 Bass Module 4

Created by: Electronik Features: 808 Bass Module 4 Lite is a powerful 808 bass ROMpler for Windows Mac. 808 Bass Module 4 con...

LABS Bass Guitar

Created by: Spitfire Audio Features: Ranging from smooth and soulful to punchy and driven, these classic bass sounds have been reco...

Flute Sound Kit

Created by: Tony Starks Pack Contents: - 21 Flute One-Shots

Xylophone Samples Pack

Created by: Tony Starks Pack Contents: - 220 Xylophone One Shots

Jazz Drum Kit

Created by: BEATSMITH Pack Contents: - 17 Jazz Drum One Shots- Kicks, Snares, Percussion, Hi Hats, and Brushes

Ethnic Instrument Samples

Created by: BEATSMITH Pack Contents: - 189 Ethnic Instrument One-Shots- Includes Sarangi, Sarod, Sitar, Flute, Didgeridoo, Chikari, a Recorde...

Epic Guitar Chords

Created by: Tony Starks Pack Contents: - 17 Guitar Samples

Sci-Fi Sound FX Pack

Created by: Beat Smith Pack Contents: - 15 Sci-Fi FX

Chopped Orchestra Sample Pack

Created by: Tony Starks Pack Contents: - 240 Chopped Orchestral Fanfare Type Samples- Samples Are NOT Royalty Free

DREAM Anniversary Pack

Created by: Dream Pack Contents: - 520 Drum One Shots

Arab Percussion Loops

Created by: Biochron Pack Contents: - 77 Arab Percussion Loops

Jon Sine Deep House Essentials

Created by: Axsens Pack Contents: - 60 Drum Shots- 72 Synth Shots- 100% royalty-free

Utiliator by SR Musics (Free Utiliy Plugin)

Created by: SR Musics Features: The Utiliator is a small but fine multitool for mixing. With it, you can quickly switch a mixer channel to...

SpeComp by Analog Obsession (Free Spectral Analog Compressor Plugin)

Created by: Analog Obsession Features: SPECOMP will compress overall signal and naive frequencies up to its magical circuit and tame whole...

EQ1A Equalizer by Mellow Muse (Free Analog Style Equalizer Plugin)

Created by: Mellow Muse Features: EQ1A is a super smooth, analog style equalizer, with minimal phase coloration. It features a high pass fi...

Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive by Nembrini Audio (Free Overdrive Plugin)

Created by: Nembrini Audio Features: Clon Minotaur Transparent Overdrive is modeled on The Klon Centaur* a guitar overdrive pedal developed...

Classic Equalizer by IK Multimedia (Free Analog Modeled EQ Plugin)

Created by: IK Multimedia Features: The T-RackS Classic Equalizer consists of a high quality six-band parametric EQ, specially designed to...

Incredible Chords Vol. 1

Created by: Rob Pack Contents: - 8 Dark Piano Loops- 104 Major Chords- 117 Minor Chords- 15 Extra Samples

80s Retro Futuristic Drum Pack

Created by: Data Drive Pack Contents: - 17 808 Kit Samples- 11 Claps- 11 Crashes- 27 Hi Hats- 43 Kicks- 31 Percussion- 33 Riser and Downer FX- 25 F...