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What are synth presets?
Synth presets or patches are files that tell the synthesizer what parameter to adjust to create a specific sound. They help provide a starting point for music producers so they don’t have to sound design from scratch. Presets can come in all types including leads, pads, basses, fx, and even drums.

Melodic Dubstep Sounds

Created by: W.A. Production Pack Contents: - 2 Construction Kits (+ MIDI Presets)- 1 Ableton Tempalte- 27 Xfer Serum Presets- 20 Melody Loops...

Future Bass Mega Pack

Created by: W.A. Production Pack Contents: - 283 Drum Samples- 42 MIDI Files- 60 Serum Presets

808 Mob - Hip Hop Sample Pack

Created by: Cymatics Pack Contents: - 16 Drum Loops- 72 Drum One Shots- 14 FX- 17 Melody Loops- 16 MIDI- 13 Serum Presets

Tropical House Template For Serum

Tropical House Template For SerumWhat's Inside:- 37 Drum Samples- 7 MIDI- 14 Serum Presets

RevengeSounds Pure Hip Hop & RnB Vol.2

RevengeSounds Pure Hip Hop & RnB Vol.2 What's Inside:- 92 Massive Presets

Trap Life Massive Presets

Trap life PresetsWhat's Inside:- 42 Massive Presets

Trap God

Trap GodWhat's Inside:- 20 Sylenth1 Presets


FreedomWhat's Inside:- 128 Sylenth1 Presets

The Creative Sylenth Care Package

The Creative Sylenth Care PackageWhat's Inside:- 12 Sylenth1 SoundBanks- 200+ Presets

8 EDM Presets

8 EDM PresetsWhat's Inside:- 8 EDM Presets

Bass House Vol. 1

Bass House Vol. 1What's Inside:- 3 Spire Presets

Future Bass Soundbank Spire

Future Bass Soundbank SpireWhat's Inside:- 52 Spire Presets

Electricity Vol. 1

Electricity Vol. 1What's Inside:- 52 Basses - 15 Leads - 31 Plucks - 1 Pads- 15 Arps- 4 Chord- 6 Synth

EDM Remastered Vol. 1

EDM Remastered Vol. 1What's Inside:- 32 Spire Presets

EDM Remastered Vol. 3

EDM Remastered Vol. 3What's Inside:- 30 Spire Presets

EDM Remastered Vol. 5

EDM Remastered Vol. 5What's Inside:- 30 Spire Presets

EDM Remastered Vol. 2

EDM Remastered Vol. 2What's Inside:- 32 Spire Presets

420 Sytrus Presets

420 Sytrus PresetsWhat's Inside:- 420 Sytrus Presets

Ultimate Free Sytrus Pack

Ultimate Sytrus PackWhat's Inside:- 323 Sytrus Presets

445 Sytrus Presets

445 Sytrus PresetsWhat's Inside:- 445 Sytrus Presets

Future Bass Vol. 1

Future Bass Vol. 1What's Inside:- 50 Massive KSD & NMSV Massive Presets

Massive Sampler

Massive SamplerWhat's Inside:- 27 Massvie Presets- 114 MIDI

MitiS Sylenth1 Patch Bank

MitiS Sylenth 1 Patch BankWhat's Inside:- 4 Arps- 4 Basses- 3 Leads- 4 Plucks

Sylenth1 Patches

Sylenth1 PatchesWhat's Inside:- 96 Sylenth1 Presets

Spire Mega Pack

Spire Mega PackWhat's Inside:- 192 Reveal Sound Spire Presets- 100% Royalty Free

Andi Vax Free Spire Bank

Andi Vax Spire BankWhat's Inside:- 50 Spire Presets

Future Bass

Future BassWhat's Inside:- 10 Serum Presets

Serum Dubstep Pack

Serum Dubstep PackWhat's Inside:- 40 Dubstep Serum Presets

Future Bass Preset Pack

Future Bass PresetsWhat's Inside:- 14 Harmor Presets- 9 Sylenth1 Presets- 15 Serum Presets - 20 Massive

Serum Dubstep Presets

Serum Dubstep PresetsWhat's Inside:- 30 Xfer Serum Presets