Anniversary Collection Vol. 5

October 03, 2021 by Daniel S.

Created by:

W.A. Production

Pack Contents:

- Over 150 Presets for Serum, Sylenth, Spire, Trillian, Zebra, and Massive.
- Over 600 WAV Audio Samples (Loops and One Shots)
- 14 Construction Kits
- 120 MIDI Loops
- A wide variety of drum sounds such as kicks, open, and closed hi-hats, rides, crashes, toms, snares, rim shots, claps, and snaps.
- Instruments such as guitar, piano, brass, bells, strings, and plucks.
- Signature styles like neuro bass, wobbles, risers, drops, impacts, and 808s.
- Structure and texture with both wet and dry sounds, fills, transitions, and breaks.

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