183 Free 80s Pop Drum Samples

January 23, 2022 by Daniel S.

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When you think of pop drums, you can't help but think about 80s inspired drums. 

SampleRadar treats us to a classic 80s style Pop drum sample pack with 4 Pop drum kits. 

These pop drum samples and pop drum kits went through some pretty rigorous processing in iconic processors such as the Yamaha SPX1000, TC Electronic Hall Of Fame reverb pedal, and the gated reverbs in the Kurzweil K2600r.

Of course, the gated snares are those classic drum machine type snares. 

This pop pack can find its way into any pop track as well as a other electronic tracks. 

Pack Contents:

- 183 Free 80s Pop Drums Samples & Pop Drum Kits
- Samples are split into 7 tempo-labeled folders, 4 Drum Kits, & a Gated Snares Folder

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